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Henry Scott


Compassionate Intelligence through the Arts



Compassionate Intelligence: the ability to move from the compassion of the heart into the field of action and create lives that reflect the greater intelligence of the human being.


“Compassion without intelligence is useless;

        Intelligence without compassion is dangerous.”


                                                  -Rafael Roldan



Henry Scott is in his 35th year as an artist, teacher and facilitator.  His work comes together at the intersection of the healing and performing arts and concerns itself with conscious evolution and the realization of the true Self.  He began his meditation practice in 1997 and became a teacher of yoga and meditation in 2006. Henry came to Birmingham two years ago to work as the Artist in Residence for Red Mountain Theatre Company.  He currently co-facilitates RECESS (a respite program for people living with dementia) at the Independent Presbyterian Church, is an adjunct faculty member at The University of Montevallo, and works as a freelance director/choreographer with the Virginia Samford Theatre, Red Mountain Theatre Company, Terrific New Theatre, and The Hoover Library.   

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