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My practice of drawing began in 1991. I was on the road performing in the ensemble of “Bye Bye Birdie” starring Tommy Tune and Ann Reinking. When one is on the road one spends a great deal of time airports, on busses, backstage, etc. I am not particularly good at waiting, in fact, I am lousy at it. So, to occupy my time, and allow me to feel productive, I began drawing. I was never seen without my trusty pen and a drawing journal and all my work was done in black ink. On several occasions I attempted to add color to my drawings but was never satisfied with the results. That changed seven or eight years ago when my friend Lou gave me a set of Sharpie markers. This act opened me to the wonderful world of color and allowed me to explore my fascination with refracted light. Thank you, Lou!

GAZING AT THE LIGHT is a video of my digital artwork set to an original piece of music called "Goddessong". Hope you enjoy!



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